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The Author


David Hoppmann is the father of two wonderful teenagers, and is best friends with their wonderful mother. He is also a commercial helicopter pilot and certified flight instructor. In addition to teaching students how to fly, he takes passengers on aerial tours of Indianapolis and flies wildlife surveys in the Midwestern United States. One of the most wonderful times to bond for parents and their young children is through reading. This is what motivated David Hoppmann to create 'Ronnie the Helicopter: Wings', his first children's picture book, in a series of three, detailing the learning adventures of Ronnie the Helicopter and his flying friends. 

Parents and Children Bonding

David Hoppmann first became passionate about aviation during the early 1980s while serving in the United States Navy, where he flew as an aircrew ordnanceman in P-3C antisubmarine patrol aircraft. Currently as a commercial helicopter pilot and flight instructor, he answers many questions about general aviation on an almost daily basis, and is now excited to answer his readers' questions as well. In addition to parents and children bonding over the general aviation and technical themes of his books, they will also have an opportunity to explore friendship, loyalty and confidence.

Join the Journey

In addition to following the author's blog, please connect with him via the Facebook link at the bottom of this site's Home page to become part of the general aviation journey!